Barrack Fuck Ups Sc.1 - Rodion Taxa, Denis Skala, Duke Forrest

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Description: Beginning off in no mans land, Rodion takes a break looking into the distance in hope to discover the rest of his team, unfortunately this doesn't happen, so Denis and Duke head back to base as they can't discover Rodion. Upon arrival Denis and Duke begin to receive in nature's garb, during the time that giving a kiss and adoring every others bodies, and just as Dennis is about to whip out Dukes penis, Rodion appears, and is very quickly sitting on the sofa and being in nature's garb by those 2 chaps! Very quickly Rodion is sat in nature's garb with Denis' face right on his groin, willing to engulf each inch of his rod which just acquires harder in his face hole, and Rodion returns the favor to Denis as this guy stands for Rodion to engulf as Duke is engulfing him! In A Short Time Rodion is riding Denis as Duke is engulfing his wang, and Duke receives his fair share of Rodions rod as those lads change poses.
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