Oiled Up, Screwed Down Sc.4 - Lior Hod, Rodion Taxa, Rick Palmer

Duration: 1:39 Views: 2 090 Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: Some photoshoots have cheerful endings, not ever told more good, with Rodion as the model, Rick as the photographer and Lior as his assistant, those chaps are off to an oily begin, as Lior rubs down Rodions body with oil to acquire these so desired pictures. But while rubbing, it'd appear to be Lior and Rick desire to rub the guy thoroughly, with one thing leading to the other in a short time the 3 gayboys are giving a kiss and engulfing Rodions body. The passion is so, that Lior and Rodion end up in a 69 position, with Rick ass fucking Rodion and ultimately fucking Rodion's a-hole while the other 2 are still in the 69 position! Pretty Soon the tables turn a bit, when Lior comes to a conclusion to receive Rick in the middile, fucking him, during the time that this guy bonks Rodion. But there is greater quantity! Rodion was in the need of 2 schlongs, but that guy wanted 'em the one and the other at the same time! Needless to say that those 2 give him what this guy was longing almost any!
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