WHOREMASTERS, Sc.three - Unsuspecting Gay Teen Acquires An Booty-Splitting Darksome Rod Inside Him!

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Description: We’re not entirely convinced that Joel Tamir is so engrossed with what’s on his phone that this guy doesn’t notice a mystery assailant coming up from behind to have his naughty way with him; but what we can say with definite assurance is that the large-dicked jock-fiend is bowled over large time when he’s lastly confronted by Slavemaster XXL’s hunky physique towering above him. And no fucking wonder! The attractive darksome lad fills the screen with not quite god-like proportions; and it’s little surprise that Tamir can’t await to acquire the fellow’s monster darksome mamba out into the open so that this chab work his lips around each pulsating inch on suggest. Master’s attention, meanwhile, not unnaturally centres on the white boy’s wazoo, which – having gobbled away on Tamir’s lily-coloured knob for a scarcely any moments – pretty soon takes midst-stage; as the powerful man plows each disgustingly obese inch of dark meat into the twink’s defenceless guts. It’s at this point that u not quite wait Tamir to call a halt to proceedings, fearing the rod might tear him in 2. To his credit, however, the stalwart rides it like a pro; squirting mid-fuck in appreciative fashion, in advance of taking a mega blast of sex cream up the rear from Dominant!
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