Monster-Hung Artist Acquires His Butt Pounded Raw By Hawt Newbie!

Duration: 1:00 Views: 236 Submitted: 10 months ago
Description: Gracious newbie, Peter Aalen, clearly doesn’t quite receive the joke when his pal, Joel Tamir, suggests to sketch a picture of him and ends up drawing a stickman. It offends the proud fellow’s prowess; but when this guy later finds himself in couch with Tamir, this chab in a short time overcomes the indignity. And little wonder, of course. After all, Aalen’s sharing the covers with one of the most good-hung boyz in the biz right now; and having enjoyed Tamir slip his hawt lips up and down his rock hard shaft, Aalen is pretty soon replicating the favor on Tamir’s oversized manhood.
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