Derelict Building Makes A Flawless Pitch For 2 Weenie-Crazy Scouts!

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Description: They should be putting their mind to finding somewhere where they can pitch up for the night, but lewd scouts, Vittorio Vega and Jake Stark, definitely have other things to think about at the begin of this terrific set-piece – not least of all whether the derelict building that they’ve stumbled across in their travels makes for an flawless spot for a bit of 10-Pounder pleasure! Which – unsurprisingly sufficiently! – it does; with Stark just now taking full advantage, as that guy falls to his knees and starts to slurp greedily on his buddy’s gracious shaft. It’s a move that u concupiscent fans will not quite of course appreciate large time; and it’s one that Vega himself clearly finds inspiring, as this chab yanks on Stark’s khakis and starts to gobble away on his mate’s weenie in return. U don’t need to be also much of an aficionado, of course, to know where all this is headed; and in advance of lengthy Vega’s exploration of Stark’s beautifully tight, youthful body has switched to the lad’s divinely shaved pucker, which this guy continues to rigorously tongue in clear anticipation of the raw, perspired fuck to come. So tissues at the willing, lads, as Vega lastly asserts his control of the performance and pushes each pulsating inch of his weenie headlong into Stark’s defenceless guts; signalling the begin of a indeed breath-taking and jizz-inducing performance that will not quite of course guarantee a sticky climax all round. Not least of all from Stark, who explodes like a geyser during the time that riding his pal’s rod; in advance of lapping up Vega’s own creamy offering like a wench on heat! In short, a top-notch escapade that will have u spurting time and time once more!
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